Thursday, July 07, 2005

Summer's Thunderstorms

I've been lucky enough to have missed riding in the rain in recent months -- but my luck seems to have ended today, as the weather image at left indicates. Washington summers are well known for being hot and humid, and subject to short yet intense thunderstorms. On Tuesday I had the experience of seeing the skies open up in a deluge of water from the comfort of the inside of my car, pitying the cyclists who who were stuck in the monsoon outside. Today I may well be one of those cyclists.

I really don't enjoy riding in the rain. I can stand extreme heat or bitter cold, but water on the roadways is never a good thing. I've seen what happens to District drivers when it rains (they get worse, much, much worse), so not only will I have to worry about not having as much traction and control as I usually do, I will also have to keep my eyes open for frantic drivers just itching to test how little traction and control I really have.

Here's to praying for a dry ride home. If that prayer can't be answered, how about a safe ride home? If not that, I'm walking. Seeing what happened in London today, there's no way in hell I'm getting on the Metro.


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