Thursday, July 07, 2005

News I Shouldn't Have Missed...

This is just too tasty not to receive mention. I mean, how often can I mix my left-leaning politics with bike-related news and commentary? Not often, but today seems have offered me this morsel work with.

The Associated Press is reporting that President George W. Bush took a little bit of a spill off his bike this Wednesday while riding in Scotland, where he is attending a G-8 Summit. Reports have it that Bush ran into a local police officer while on a ride, resulting in an injured ankle for the officer and some minor scrapes on Bush's hands and arms.

Realistically, this isn't that newsworthy. So he fell off his bike. Everyone does at some point. Hell, it was only last year that I ran into a bike cop. It happens to the best of us. From what I hear -- and I have a good source on this one -- Bush is actually a pretty solid mountain biker. He's the proud owner of the Trek Elite 9.8, a $3000 carbon-frame mountain bike pictured at left and used most often in competition. I actually respect the fact that the man, as disagreeable as his politics may be, is an avid cyclist. God knows there aren't enough of them out there, especially of such prominence.

Bush has racked up his fair share of crashes over the years, though. When he originally bought his mountain bike, he insisted on one that was sized too large for him, resulting in his first bite. Now this. Training wheels, perhaps? Kerry took his own spill during the campaign last year, and as I reported recently, so did Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

God forbid I ever become a well-known politician. I've taken enough spills in mt day to ensure that I have more coming, and if this is what passes as news these days, the heavens only know how many wire reports there may be on me ending up face first on the ground.


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